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Common Questions

Will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

Hearing aids will not restore your hearing to perfect normality. However, they will after adaptation help you hear far more clearly, both softer sounds and most importantly speech. It can take time for your brain to re-learn how to hear sounds and the longer you wear them the clearer and more natural sounds become.

Will I need one or two hearing aids?

Most people with a hearing loss have about the same degree of loss in both ears. Studies have shown that those wearing two instruments understand speech more clearly and enjoy better sound quality; one ear simply cannot do the work of two, especially in background noise.

Two ears makes hearing more balanced, and enables us to determine which direction a sound is coming from.

If the hearing loss is significantly greater in one ear then the other (asymmetry), then a single instrument may be adequate and is normally fitted to the ear with the greater loss.

I might have a hearing problem what should i do?

You should make an appointment with a hearing aid audiologist for an ear examination and hearing test. Depending on the result you may be referred to you GP prior to being fitted with hearing aids. If your child might have a hearing loss, it is best to talk to your GP first who can refer you to a paediatric specialist.

Wont hearing aids make me look old? Won’t they cramp my style?



Today’s hearing aids are smaller and designed to be discreet. Many are nearly undetectable even close up. Some models sit completely in the canal of your ear and are practically invisible when worn. There are even fashion 'meant to be seen' hearing aids in fun colour combinations.

How can hearing aids enhance my quality of life?

Hearing aids can improve your quality of life by improving your self-confidence and lowing stress levels. It is hard to be confident when you are unsure of your hearing. They can help with your personal relationships, job performance and safety.

What guarantees and after care can I expect?

Your hearing aids come with at least a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years on request. Clearsound Hearing provides free aftercare including any re-testing of your hearing and subsequent re-programming of your aids.

Will I need to buy batteries?

Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids

Virtually all hearing aids run of tiny battery cells. The length of life depends on the size of the battery. Hearing aid batteries are inexpensive and easily available. Your hearing aid audiologist will be able to supply them normally from a practice or by post. They can be obtained from various stores and outlets including the internet. You will be supplied with an amount of free batteries at the fitting of your aids.

There are now at least two manufactures that supply hearing aids that are rechargeable, dispensing with the regular purchase of batteries.

Can my hearing aids be repaired?

Clearsound hearing has an all make repair service if your aids are out of warranty. Each repair comes with a 6 month guarantee.

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aid depends on the level of technology. Clearsound hearing believes that hearing aids should be available at affordable prices to suit all budgets. See our price guide to give you an idea of the start prices in our four levels of technology.

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